Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tusday Thoughts

  • Is it just me or do you also get drawn into Michael Jackson's face? It just doesn't seem natural.
  • Speaking of staring at celebrities, can you look at Sara Palin and not see Tina Fey? I still giggle.
  • I watched the tv show Lie To Me tonight. Yawn. I also got caught up on cleaning, emailing, and eating a snack.
  • I saw previews for some new show by TMZ called, Byond Twisted, pssst...looks goofy.
  • A friend of mine is getting married Friday. I'm still in shock. I saw her tonight. (Way to go, Nin.)
  • I had an incredible time at the lake house this weekend with the family. That entire area was peaceful, beautiful and the company was just great to be around. I spent more time just laughing.
  • I have always had a very strange fear of open water. Lakes tend to not be my friend. I get in water where I can't see anything around me and I get a panicked, horrible feeling inside. Oddly, I got past that feeling this weekend. Tubing was the cure.
  • My cousin and daughter went first and stayed on without any problems. Next, my younger daughter and I went. When the boat first started going forward there was too much weight in the front of the tube and not enough weight in the middle to the end where our feet were. The water went over the front, flipped over and dumped both of us off the tube. No biggie, I tend to stay very calm under pressure. Both of us were wearing life jackets and my daughter just needed some reassurance that everything was going to be ok. I quickly swam to her and calmed her down. We got back on the tube and successfully tubed. Good fun.
  • Later another cousin, her daughter and my daughter tube together, both little girls are the same age. Once again the tube does the same thing to them that it did to me, but it happened when the boat slowed down instead of speeding up. Everyone got dumped off. I remember having a bottled tea in my hand one sec and diving in the next. Somewhere between my mother said you better go in, but I'm not sure I had waited for permission. My cousin's daughter had taken a ton of talking into to get on the tube and I had a feeling that two panicky little girls might be a bit much for my cousin. So I dove and swam. So there ya go...my water rescue for the summer.
  • The trip, one way, was seven hours. I'm very impressed on how well behaved my girls were on the trip...of course, they had plenty of electronic devices in the back seat to keep them busy.
  • When we got home, I walked in the house, walked out to unload the car, felt something on my left shoulder, felt a sudden horrible burning, heard a buzzing sound and then cried like a baby for my mommy.
  • I was two seconds from ripping my shirt off in the driveway. Amazing, my kid gets dumped in the lake..I act quickly, calmly and got control of the situation. I get attacked by a vicious horrible possibly deadly bee and I melt and cry for my mother.
  • Back to the lake, my father and I entered a contest to see who could take the best lake pic that day. We both lost. My older daughter won. I'll post the winning pic later today.
  • Last thought....my shoulder still hurts and is swollen. I have been willing evil thoughts upon that bee for the past 24 hours.

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