Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Hangover

I think I shouldn't admit to loving that movie.

I laughed so much and pretty hard. It was very tensely funny. I saw it in the afternoon Saturday and the theatre was packed. One of the reasons I love watching a movie in the theatre as opposed to at home is to hear the crowd reaction.

A couple of rows up and on the other side of the theatre there were four ladies that were "loud laughers"....and one of them had a laugh louder than the entire theater. It was great!

The movie started out at the end of the movie and then switched to two days earlier to explain what happened. Guys go to Vegas for the bachelor party and wake up missing the groom. They spend the rest of the movie following clues of where they went the previous night hour by hour to find him. Watch the trailer. The mystery of what happened the entire night is explained in pictures during the credits. The concept reminded me of the backwards Seinfeld episode.

There were three moments during the movie that were a little uncomfortable: two involving a baby and one involving a male body part being shown.
(Oh my, I just remembered that a certain male body part made an appearance twice in the movie by two different men.)

After the movie was over, I remember scrambling for the tickets for the rating. "R"? I'll be. I'm shocked it was only rated "R".

Still, funny movie.

(I wrote this up Sunday night and hit save instead of publish. My bad.)

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