Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lunchtime Quickie

  • I had no internet AGAIN last night. Cable internet SUCKS!
  • If I hear one more Michael Jackson joke.......
  • The play went smoothly and was tremendous....details later.
  • It's July! I owe you a beginning of the month picture of Lily.....if my memory serves me correctly, this months is one of my favorites! I'll get on that later tonight.
  • Grapefruit diet? I tried, it went well while on it, but as feared, the second you see, smell or lick a gain thirty pounds.
  • My brother is in town for a couple of days....with his, fun, fun. Well, mostly, except the baby slept in my bed last night and went back and forth between handing me the remote control and trying to push me out of bed. This would have been cuter if it wasn't past midnight.
  • I sleepy today.
  • I'm also happy my youngest is not a baby anymore. Diapers? Ewww......
  • I'm working today and brother is watching all (six) kids. Eek! I fear for the safety and cleanliness of my house.
  • Come on, admit it, you missed me terribly while I was busy doing the play.

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