Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday's Thoughts

  • Today is the day I have not been looking forward to all week. Monday=back to real world.
  • I arrived home yesterday and went straight from the DFW airport to the doctor's office. I am so glad my doctor's office has extended hours.
  • (Walmart pharmacy is a pain!!!)
  • Standing in an airport in another country fighting to keep the contents of my tummy, barely able to see out side of a horrible pounding in my head and being in a lot of pain is not a fun ride back home.
  • I spent yesterday waiting for the antibiotics to take in effect. They're working, but I'm not quite 100% yet. I'll get there.
  • I was happy upon happiness to have a clean home upon return. Ahhhh......
  • Not much time for blogging at the moment for now, other than I am alive and pouty on my way to work.
  • I wanna go back to bed until my headache is completely gone.
  • I am sooooo gonna miss my friends that I hung around all week. Oh! And not to forget the ease of being in a resort. No cooking, cleaning for a week was pretty nice. Pretty, pretty nice.
about that pic......the lines you see in the pic are scratches on the window. That window was my view from the airplane......and those scratches were not on the inside of the window. Eek! (Made me double nervous.)

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Pat Dohoney said...

Glad you guys are back, safe and sound. Hope you're feeling better soon. Karen's having auditions for "Bats In the Belfry" at TOTS. Check it out and let us know if you're interested. We'll also post on Facebook TOTS.