Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday's Thoughts

  • You a fan of lists? You'll love this guy...that's his whole gig.
  • When I saw the MJ/TB dog pic below...I literally said, "Oh my." out loud.
  • I'm afraid to go into work to find the creature stuck in the vent (above my desk) died overnight. I fear dead creature-smell over my desk. That would not be good.
  • My mother is finally going to get to see Harry Potter this weekend. She was sweet enough to invite my children and me. The invite specified an exclusion for any non-scifi fans. So, my older daughter will attend...and that other kid of mine will have to settle for a date with me in non scifi land.
  • You can find anything on the inkernet. (I refuse to admit I found that for a facebook update.)
  • I finally figured out that on the iphone you can listen to podcasts directly from the itunes app without downloading the podcast. Yea!! (islow)
  • I've also started using google reader more. I followed all sorts of stuff in there forever but never read it in there until recently.
  • I remember when twitter first came out you would see on someone's profile additional tabs to view that person's friends/followers updates and then to view that person with their friends all in one timeline. I miss that feature.
  • I used to work as an EMT-I (in an ambulance) and I still like reading stuff like this. It takes me back to the good ole days. I miss EMS. On occasion I would work in dispatch to help out but I sooo prefered being in the truck.
  • It's almost August 1st. Yep....Lily is going to make another appearance. (I still chuckle over that.)
  • This week I've turned into an insomniac. Every so often I have the worst time going to sleep. This whole week has been like that. Mornings are miserable..... afternoon's are *h*e*double hockey stick.
  • In honor of Thursday...I'll sleep in past eight in two days.

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