Sunday, July 26, 2009

Monday's Thoughts

  • Kids. Are. Home.
  • During the bedtime argument: Me: It's 30 minutes passed your bed time. I'm feeling crazy for giving you guys this long....Kid replies: "Well maybe it's cause you're the nicest mom ever." Good point. Kid wins. How can i argue with that?
  • Same kid explaining why she loves milk: "Cause it makes my teeth whiter and cause I love cows."
  • When my brother had come for a visit he introduced my kids to Ramen Soup and they loved it! I'm not sure why I've been holding back on that stuff especially since it costs around...15 cents a package.
  • My kids are bottomless pits. Don't let their cute small girlish frames fool ya...those chicks can put some food down. I might have been the same way at their age.
  • I went for a bike ride Saturday with my jacket, helmet and gloves on. It was unbelievably hot! It almost made the ride unenjoyable. Almost, but not quite. I love riding.
  • My Monday morning started with backing my station wagon into the garage....again. This time the glass completely shattered. Nice.
    Happy Monday to me.

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