Saturday, August 1, 2009


Everyone has to rant every now and's one from me from last week:

I had a guy call me at work for directions....a truck driver, who gets paid for driving all over the country, hang up on me.

He started out nice. I got basic information that I needed from him and he gave me a little small talk in between questions as I typed away at the keyboard......coming from Alabama. He drives all over the place. He's been gone from home for awhile. Something about that crazy wannabe president. Economy sucks. He's truck for a zillion years and hasn't seen it this bad. Yada. Yada. Yada.

He got mad because I told him to take 35W, not 35E....."yea, yea, I get on 35 and go west, not east. "
"No sir, 35 actually goes north to south through the metroplex, but splits south of it sending 35E through Dallas and 35W through Fort Worth. 35 reconnects again north of the metroplex in Denton."
"Ma'am, I fully understand what you are saying, I get on 35, go west, not east and then how am I getting north to that 287? There has to be a road that you're not telling me about."
"Sir, stay on I30. Keep traveling west on I30. When you get to Dallas, do not exit I35E. There will be another....."
"Ma'am, you just told me a minute ago that I need to take the I35 exit! Now you are telling me not to take I35. I'm sorry, young lady, but I need to speak to someone in shipping that can get me adequate directions to your location."

Silent deep breath....and seriously wondering what kind of truck driver with as much boasted experience as himself doesn't A) CARRY A FREAKIN' MAP or B) Invest in a GPS. C) not have had previous understanding how I35 works in relation to DFW or D) look at a map BEFORE leaving for another state.

"Sir, I would like you to concentrate on the I35 issue. I35 runs north to south....."
Interupts me again. He does this a ton throughout our short time together.

"You just got done telling me to take I35 west. If I go west on I35, explain to me how you consider that a road that runs north to south."

I'm dumbfounded at this point. Maybe this is a joke. After that comment I really zone in on the voice, the background, his dialect, the details he gave me....anything not add up? I'm very tempted to say.....So-n-So, is this you? You little devil....ya had me...yep, you did.

"Sir, do you have ........"

Now I here him muttering not nice things and hangs up.

BTW: I remained professional and calm the entire time on the phone.....I'm still keeping fingers crossed it was a prank and/or a test of my ability to remain calm and professional on the phone.


Denney Crane said...

Sounds like you passed with flying colors! I would have said something like, "If you would pull your head out yo ass and listen, I will tell you how to get here!"

but that's just me...

Kat said...

I should have!

If I'm gonna get hung up on, I'd like to at least felt like I earneded it first.