Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Ok, I'm up waaay too late typing these thoughts.....

  • So my brother comes to visit for the week with his kids.
  • He spends time at the parents house and then they drift my way this evening.
  • I'm always tickled to have the crew over at my house for dinner and family time.
  • Wow, at dinner... it felt like a zillion kids between the two of us...and it's not as if we have two totally seperate kid groups between us...each child is very different from the others...making the entire group of kiddos a collective group of very entertaining kids.
  • He goes home tomorrow.....dangit.
  • I've told his oldest that I am his "favorite aunt" ever since he was a baby. Today he ran to me and referred to me as such and one of his little sisters did too!
  • I hadn't had the painful pleasure of "putting up" with my brother in awhile...but a snipit of our ongoing conversation throughout the evening had us both rolling. with laughter. I can't remember how this got started but I remember part of his sentence having the acronym, NBC, in it and me regaining focus on his conversation....

Me: Wait, huh? You did what?
Brother: ...we had to put this radiological/biological suit on.
Me: What? Hold on.....I gotta tweet that!!! How often does THAT come up in a sentence?
Brother: No the army....
Me: wait..shut up, I'm trying to catch up .... how did you say that?
Still me while typing: (see above)
Brother: Oh my...did you just say that you gotta tweet that?
Me: silently typing (...still trying to spell)
Brother: No seriously..when I was in the army....

I just asked him while finishing typing this how we came up with the start of this and he said, "Oh! It came from the NBC gear (he reexplained the entire conversation)...and you had to complete the Nuclear Biological Training so you could wear your nuclear biological gear.....: yawn....bedtime..... I'm not an army chic. I'm blonde. That is waay too much information in one word for my brain.


Gotta love my brother...That fella is crazier than me.

Ok, well almost.

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Jeremy 911 Dispatch said...

Of course she zoned out after the NB part of NBC gear, but in case anybodys wondering it's nuclear,biological,CHEMICAL gear....anyways, yea its an Army thing