Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday's Thoughts

  • Mexico has shut its beach down for stolen sand. Jarhead, where in Mexico were you going?
  • Want a free house?
  • Snakes on a plane....nope....worse: Crocs on a plane.
  • G-Force! Was a hit this weekend with my little one. Not bad.
  • Harry Potter was awesome according to my older one and my mother.
  • Man goes to jail over a fight with Monopoly. For real? (And those commenters are funny.)
  • And last and definitely least, doesn't it always start out as a rumor and then we find out its true?
  • That's all I got for Monday.


Jarhead said...

We were told to stay out of the water because of crocodiles.

Sand was the least of our worries!

Kat said...

I knew my fears of the water were not without merit!!

We actually had a mama croc at our resort that laid/buried eggs that got a little angry at us when we peeked at her nesting spot. The coolest part was how close we could get to her eggs because of a fence.....and how close we could stay even after her protective advances.

I'm not sure that same cool factor would have applied after seeing footprints out in the open sand without the security of a fence.