Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wendesday's Thoughts

  • It's Wednesday already? Sheesh, this week is flying.
  • I'm running a race this Saturday. It's been a while and I'm a little nervous. My mom will be there for moral support. That or she plans on beating me....which is not too far fetched right now! She's running too.
  • I'll post results this weekend.
  • Or not.
  • Youtube has done it to me again.
  • Drives me crazy!
  • My yard looks great. Inside of my house....not. I can never seem to conquer both.
  • You can host a dinner party at an IKEA store. I had no idea.
  • I love the woot shirt and found they have a competitor with the same concept.
  • I read through a explanation of what to expect of your changing body book with a child of mine that is of certain age.
  • I'll never forget when that child was born and my mother stated to me that babies don't come with instructions. When I left the hospital with my my gift bag was a pamphlet titled "How to Care for Your Newborn."
  • Ugh. In the news...woman has baby. Doctor declares baby dead. Dad goes to say emotional not dead...oh my!

Happy Wednesday!!

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