Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Cooper head snakes, tarantulas, crickets galore and now a centipede?

I can't take it anymore!

....and let me tell ya, that was a HUGE centipede.

Our engineer points at it and says....oh yea, the chicken and the centipede.

Me: Huh?

He explains that chickens love to eat centipedes, but centipedes hate the chicken so they bite them and kill them. He told me that people in his country eat centipede but for this one in our office, maybe Animal Control should be called.

I failed to give Animal Control a call but did hold the door open when it was escorted half of it at a time.

Ok, ok...I didn't hold the door open...I ran the opposite direction.

That pic does NOT do it's size justice one bit!! And yes, I know you probably think I tend to exaggerate when it comes to poisonous creatures with more than six legs...but it really, really, really was big!!

Cross my heart it was!!

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Bigwillie02 said...

What does a Cooper head snake look like?