Monday, August 24, 2009

Twas the night before school and all through the house.....

I mentioned within 140 characters that I had gotten four kids through the evening. Nope, I wasn't seeing double...for the next couple of weeks, I have FOUR kids. Where'd I put that fake hubby at? I could sure use his help right now. 
My brother is moving up to my neck of the woods and I took in the school age kiddos so they wouldn't A) miss the first two weeks of school or B) have to enroll in their town and then re-enroll here two weeks later. 
My brother has a 2nd grader, a Pre-k-er and an almost 2yo. Goodness. I'm worn out. I have my two and his two older ones. Out of the four, three are girls but his older son is a spitting image of him (sooo can't deny) and did I mention he's a boy? Dude! I have two girls...I'm struggling with this boy. He is such a.....boy! Girls I can handle...boys are a different story. Sheesh..they are a whole differet's like they are from another planet! 
His kids also have had a different routine than mine. Apparantly we pray, clean, hug, kiss and say I love you alot....according to Mr. Little Man. Today might have been a little rough with him. He spent the day testing the boundries of my temporary authority and I spent the day letting him fully understand who was in charge. Good grief, bless his little heart. 
Now, just please please please let him get through the next two weeks of school without getting in trouble there. He has made it clear that he is not one bit happy with this new school. His old one is better and he isn't looking forward to this one bit. I'm hoping making friends, being around other boys, and getting through the first week will bring on a different attitude., its bedtime. It's quiet in this house...even the dogs are worn out and asleep.
Nighty-Nite and sweet dreams.

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Anonymous said...

Wow...what a great thing to do for your brother! I wish you and the kids special blessings during this two weeks :)