Saturday, August 1, 2009

My tough kid

My daughter and I went in a mall. We stopped for her to inspect a playground. I allowed her to play for a bit even though she was wearing a dress. Next we ventured to the Disney store and Justice for some browsing.

We step out of Justice to see the Mall lights go half off. Eek they're closing and we are at the wrong end. The station wagon is on the other side.

We walk fast.

Closer to the store we need to go through and realize that the doors are closing. Good grief they mean business with their closing times.

We run.

Whew. Made it.

We get out to find the car waiting. Daughter stops, looks at me and says: I did some major running, I played on that playground. I climbed to the top of that toy house to jump all the way to the bottom. I didn't even care my panties were showing.

Then very matter of fact, she says: Mom, I'm a tough girl. Did you know that?

Made me chuckle. I wish I had that recorded. Too cute.

And yes, I had a hunch she was a tough little thing.

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Denney Crane said...

She looks exactly like her mother as well...