Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rough Start

First day to school on Monday and I knew I would be late to work. I even warned the boss ahead of time. We showed up at the elementary school with my nephew and paperwork to enroll him THAT day. Everything was in order except for those pesky little shot records. Our school said no problem, we just sent a fax to request them, then suggested me calling the other school would help hurry them along.

I called the other school at 7:45 and explained I couldn't leave him until his shot records were sent. The nice sweet lady pinky promised me that she would do that within five minutes.

After a few more phone calls of me begging and a couple staff members from our school calling we ended up with nothing. At almost 11:00 they finally received the records...but not from the school. His mom went to the doctor's office, got a copy, drove to a Post Net kind of place and faxed them from there.

In the meantime, we took my little to her class....who latched onto my leg and cried huge tears.
Then we took his little sister to her Pre-K....more tears and almost a knock down drag out fight. The director promised she would call if little one didn't calm down.

I got a call not long after assuring me she was ok and if there were any issues they would call me.

That was an emotional morning.

(Pic above is at 7:30 am, down the road from the elementary school entrance and worse than it looks!)

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