Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hey...I tweeted that yesterday!!

I kid you not....almost to work yesterday and I get to the railroad crossing three seconds too late to get across and beat the train. Out of frustration towards the train, I tweeted: Beatlejuice. Beatlejuice. Beatlejuice.

Now this video made me laugh!

Oh and yes, you are more than welcome to pass up the fact that I tweeted beetlejuice slightly misspelled. I blame the train.


Zeb said...

Gotta love Betelgeuse. Yeah...I went there. Grave stone spelling.

Kat said...

And to think I'm in charge of learning my kids how to rite and reed!

Zeb said...

If your kids lose a spelling bee on the word "betelgeuse", then you should probably switch school districts. Unless of course it's used in the sentence "Betelgeuse is the 2nd brightest star in Orion." But even then, you should switch school districts on the principle alone. (Not the principal)