Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday's Bad Mood

Why am I in a bad mood? Well, let's see....

  • My kids are gone for a week. Boo. (With Baby Daddy for one more week.)
  • I come home to find a nice big hole under my fence and only two of three dogs are there.
  • I checked with neighbors, strangers and anyone that would hasn't been seen.
  • One of my neighbors (who boasts of a combat training class) discovers that the hole is not exactly fresh. He made a good point by showing the difference the color of dirt makes if its dry or very freshly dug.
  • We stayed at Nana's last night for Girls' Night. Did she escape last night or today?
  • I called the poo-leece, sheriff, city and county doggie pounds and left a message for the vet. Nothing as of yet.
  • I drove repeatedly around the neighborhood calling her. Nothing.
  • I walked around the neighborhood calling her. Nothing.
  • I miss my dog. :-(
  • Big tears are going down my chubby little cheeks right now.
  • "MALLIE!!"
Dang dog.....I super-duper miss her.

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