Friday, August 14, 2009

Hello, YOU doing??!

  • I keep seeing the commercials for the new Thin Mint and Tagalong Girl Scout Cookies for Dairy Queen's Blizzards. If they add the Caramel Delight aka Samoa to that list...then I'm screwed!
  • I got told yesterday that I was too high tech. Made me laugh...if they only knew how truly blonde I am!
  • I've been working with someone on basic computer lessons. When I say basic...I mean BASIC! I'm shocked how they have gotten by in life without at least some computer skills. One question I was asked, " you have to put the www. in front of someone's email address when you email them?" (I kid not.) At least they have been retaining all the knowledge I've passed along so far.
  • OH!!!! I almost forgot: I saw ANOTHER freakin' tarantula at work yesterday.
  • Tomorrow is the race. Eek! I'm not ready yet I'm sooo excited.
  • I had little girl drama last night. Girls were getting picked up by Baby Daddy and then little one suddenly out right threw a tantrum refusing to go. It got so bad that she made me cry when trying to hand her to him. He ended up with no kids last night. Poor Baby Daddy. Little girl has been super clingly with me more and more lately. I don't mind one bit although I did feel bad for Baby Daddy.
  • Yea it's Friday!!!

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