Thursday, August 27, 2009

In the groove....(From Wednesday night)

  • I rarely get to actually eat and enjoy my thirty minutes of lunch without being interrupted at work. I'll spend 15 minutes on something for someone, get back to my lunch-now cold and then feel guilty if the bosses see me "past" the lunch time still trying to have lunch....even though half my lunch was spent working.
  • I was going to blog at lunch today but decided to sneak out and drive real slow to the corner store to get the after school snack for my oldest.
  • Having four kids isn't so bad when they are all in a routine. We are on day three and starting to get used to the routine.
  • Day one through three my nephew threw down some major revolution that had me crying on the phone to my mother. He is one tough kid to handle. Now day four and five my older one is trying to buck the system just a smidge. 
  • I'm trying to secretly give my oldest one a little slack since this week she seems a little hormonal for some odd reason and also because she helps out so much. At the same time I need him to see that these rules aren't just for him...everyone has to follow them. I don't want him to feel picked on.
  • Without saying a word she'll...just do...whatever to help out. It feels so odd to make her stop, but I so want her to just be a little kid longer. I look over and see her helping her cousin or little sister with hair or finding something and I didn't ask her to help. She'll even finish the dishwasher and start it without being asked.
  • I'm divorced with kids.....any teeny tiny little thing that's done around this house to help out is huge....if its just done without being 
  • I was once accused of being the biggest worrying free spirit known. 
  • I finally had a friend call to check on me last night, but I was getting the last kids from the after school program and it was getting a little crazy....I was soooo sad to hear, "Well, I can hear you're busy, so I'll let you go." I just wanted an adult to talk to about non kid stuff. 
  • That reminds me, I had two friends that I was really close to that I could call up anytime and just ramble.....they would listen to every word. Neither are really close, life, whatever...I miss having someone that loves to talk on the phone as much as I do. 
  • And last thought of the night in regards to my crazy feelings this week....I sure heart my sweet mother. I've chewed on her, I've cried to her and she's done nothing but encouraged and been patient...ahhh, sweet Mama of mine. :)

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like the oldest girl..might just get that from her mother...trying to help people out!!! Hope you get a little time for yourself this weekend!