Thursday, September 10, 2009

Weekend Boat Fun

We got to go boating and tubing. It was a pretty good weekend.

The boy wasn't too bad. I think he's starting to figure out that when he gets in trouble that he's the only one getting punished. No one else has to miss out on any fun. Just him. It's not as fun to cause trouble and get punished by yourself.

He ended up only having two Saturday morning and the other Sunday evening. I blame Sunday evening's on him being tired/sleepy/grumpy.

The boat was great fun. The boat belongs to my uncle and cousin. It was fresh out of the shop and still a work in progress. I felt a teeny tiny bit guilty because we were the first to take it out for a spin. My dad drove the entire time and was extremely careful.....even when tubing.

Boating problems leaving was my sweet father taking the wrong wrong wrong vehicle to haul the boat. The transmission went out, so I drove my dad and brother from Graham to Abilene to pick up his pick up truck.
I got a text message saying: "What a beating."
Hmmm....stay with five kids or drive my dad two hours? Duhhh..... ;-)
My poor sweet mother took four kids back to her house, fed them lunch, monitored naps and then took them to the park.
I had my dad, brother, my younger daughter for the Abilene trip and then me and the kiddo on the way back following the guys. We had Taylor Swift CDs, a bag of chips w/ ranch dip, and the entire return trip to giggle, sing and munch on chips. Not bad.

Last year Lake Whitney, this year Possum year? We'll see.

-Pic is of my goofball brother after he waded in the same murky spot for ten minutes and actually found not one...but BOTH of my shoes that slipped off when I actually got up the nerve to dive in.

I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I'm a little skardy kat of water that I can't see through it. I get panicky.

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