Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Caption This Follow Up

Real story from yesterday's Caption This:

Labor Day Weekend we take the boat out for a ride around the lake. Papa, Nana, My Brother & kids, Myself & kids....we get to a spot where the kids hop in and swim.

I overcame my extreme fear of lake water and dove in. Within seconds I felt my pretty little jelly shoes slip off. I stopped turned around and felt around for them hoping to catch them before they hit bottom. No luck. Standing their I start feeling nips at my ankles and start to feel that horrible panicky feeling creeping up. I calmly hop out. Not happy. My shoes are gone. Gone. There is no way I'm getting them out.
I start to throw a fit but quickly get questioned to the tenth degree by the nephew. I admit, it's my fault due to my careless behavior of diving in with them on. Then entire loss is my of my own doing. It sucks to lose a pair of shoes I've loved and don't wear out...
My brother hops in "to look for them". I have extremely low expectations but the kids are still swimming happily, my dad is wading in and mother is still smiling...so let him look, we're in no hurry.

I kid you not, the entire episode was hysterical.....he would squeal like a girl, bend down and pull out a branch...."oh...my bad..not it." We'd all laugh. He did that with different items he'd pick up with his feet...it was funny.

Then what do ya know....he gets one. He actually gets one. Caption pic was my left shoe. It was funny. He's also now on a serious mission and the kids have decided they can each be the finder of the second shoe. I'm thinking...there's no way. Period...not a chance.

So below...enjoy the second pic...yep, he actually rescued my second shoe. I'm not sure I've laughed that hard in a long time. He's a character and finder of my lost shoes.

.......He found my soul deep in the murky water. It could not be seen by the eye of mankind. It had to be searched blindly in unseen territory with dangers of scaly beasts lurking nearby.

Stay tuned for next week's Caption This.

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