Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday Thoughts

  • It's a hard not life....for me...
  • Monday was notagood.
  • I now curse my brother. It's not his fault...but it's his fault. He had to get nosy and dig.
  • He went too far.
  • He discovered my dirty little secret.
  • Which one? Oh, good point.
  • It's the one where I never change the filters in my AC, because I can't remember and I didn't see the point.
  • OK, OK...calm down...back up and read the word "didn't".
  • Yes, I see the point now. Last night, my brother has taught the purpose of the mighty magical filter.
  • The lesson learned? Listen to yo momma....change the filter.
  • Oh...and I got the window open by my desk....a sea of ants.
  • Oh...and and my brother goes to get the water well working this weekend.....a swarm of bees nested in the water well.
  • Ok-I'm done. He can move out now and stop finding stuff.
  • Depressed and hot in a not good way. Happy freakin' Tuesday.
  • High point yesterday? I sat and watched tv for twenty minutes while the kids played outside before the storm and after homework and dinner. Sadly, I got sucked into the Brady Bunch and then distracted with deleting 50 or so recorded episodes of Sponge Bob.

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