Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday's Thoughts

  • Job searching for my brother is not going well. It's almost like there are no jobs out there. Someone out there please hire my brother. Don't make me beg. (BTW-I'll be MORE than happy to email you his resume.)
  • A certain somebody I know had to take a drug test. A random unannounced drug test. I would give you my left little toe in a bet that this person will NOT fail that test or any test ever!!
  • Said person shows up with entire office and they learned they all had to give hair samples. The women were ticked at how much they had to give and upset the guys with much shorter hair didn't have to give as much.
  • I was thinking more along the lines of.....hey! if hair samples are a timeline showing how LONG you've been using drugs...then you might think the guys have an advantage over not getting caught because they don't have that much hair...and I if I have hair halfway down my back then I'm complaining.
  • Said person also informs me that there is apparently some stuff you can buy at the store to get alcohol out of your system. I'm thinking the people testing might be looking for something different.
  • OF course, I know nothing of the above.. I'm a good where did I put that Homer Simpson bong....spider pig..spider pig... KIDDING. I haven't done any drugs since the 60's.
  • I have a sticky note of blog thoughts in my purse. I've been forgetting about it all week and slowly adding on to it all week. I's still in my purse (which is waaay too far to walk).
  • I decided last night that I would go to bed at 9 pm! Didn't happen.
  • I had a company called OCD Industries. I actually laughed out loud. 
  • Someone at I know today referred to me as "Trouble." I hear that alot. I don't know why. I'm completely innocent. 
  • Oh yea...speaking of license plate light is fixed so now I won't get pulled over by the poo-leece for the light out anymore. We won't discuss the speed.
  • Hey look you can follow weekly absences at the Decatur School District that adds a second column for how many of those were for the swine flu.
  • Tonight is SURVIVOR. Woo HOO!! That makes me happy and excited! 


Houseofrandr said...

WOW. Your searching for jobs for your brother? How old is he....12?

Kat said...

Real age or IQ?
Unfair question directed to the sister. I'm the sibling and it's my life goal to pick on him...vice versa.

Actually he's working a temp 9-5 job, has three little kids and has a lot to deal with in regards to the kids.

He'll find a job, but since he's not from here, it's nice to have someone hop on the computer and do a little searching.

We've been taking turns reading to all the kids at night and the other person gets a headstart on free time. I do a little blogging, searching, listening to podcasting and laundry during mine.

Poor guy has a lot on his plate.