Saturday, September 5, 2009

In Labor

Holiday weekend at possum kingdom with my parents, brother and too many kids.
Today we went to Hell's Gate, hiked up Devil's Island, and swam. So far so good. Then again it's only 2pm.

At the cabin, ten minutes from Graham, I have zero reception. In the boat, in the middle of the lake I can take a pic of a passing pirate boat on the prowl and blog about it. A (nerdy ;-) friend of mine text's me that this place is like The Bermuda Triangle for cell service.

I believe it!!

Now before I lose complete service I want to check the footba


Zeb said...

Nerdy friend checking in. PK is strange when it comes to cell service. Since I live in Graham, PK is one of the spots we frequent for nightlife. Some areas are completely dead while other areas might come and go...but out on the water, cell service is great in most areas. Have fun at PK!

Jarhead said...

Ha! That was pretty witty.

I made a rhyme.