Sunday, September 13, 2009

Update Of The Fam

Kids are doing good. All of them.

I can't tell you the goosebumps I got for The Boy to show off his progress report to show his Dad that he had Three A's and 1 B. GOOD BOY!!

We have less and less tantrums and more and more thinking about what we're fixing to say.
The middle girl seems to be just coming out of a quiet little shell....and my is that one sweet little girl.
#1, my brother has gorgeous girls...but the middle one has the sweetest personality.

The boy has gotten in trouble twice in school over the past week and wanted his dad to understand what happened. The Boy did not throw a tantrum, he convinced me that he should sit down and write a note in his own words for his dad to read since that night his dad would be home after he would be asleep. There was a moment where he started out trying to lie to me and I called him out on it and advised him that I didn't believe him and if he tried that with his dad then his dad WOULD find out, which would increase the amount of trouble he got in.

At that moment, he had the flicker in his eyes...I just knew this was going south into another meltdown....I took a deep breath getting ready for the battle...then he did too.
And he just sat there quiet.
So did I.
Then he went into his inquisitive question mode. We talked it out and I made a point to let him know I was extremely proud on how he was handling the entire situation.
I was even prouder to read the note he wrote to his dad admitting the truth, admitting he shouldn't have done that and apologizing.

He's having more and more moments of questioning what's ok and what's not ok rather than throwing a fit. THAT I can deal with. He's also having sweeter and sweeter moments around the girls and trying to help out.

The boy is looking pretty good.

Even better, Dad is doing great. I have a tough time with stepping aside and letting him be in charge. Their his kids and he's been handling them. I give him hints to help but try to keep my mouth shut as much as possible.

Last night I chewed on him for his choice of job and tried for the upteenth time to make him understand that job wasn't gonna work for him or his kids. He could do waaaay better. He has so much more to offer. Today he seems EXTREMELY depressed. Apparently he had a conversation with my parents who both said the same thing.

Poor guy...and to think I was worried about all these changes on the boy. Sheesh. So, this week I'll be more helpful and encouraging. He'll find his way. I just have to remember he can't walk in this place, snap his fingers and have what he wants.
Plus he's dealing with a broken heart.

So you've kept his son in your thoughts and I can't thank you enough for the encouratgement...his son seems to thrive more and more.

Now keep Mr. Dad in your thoughts. He needs the happy vibes. It can't be easy. He is capable of soo much. He has this amazing capability to really excel when he finds that knack.

And here he's got the broken heart, new town, trying to find a good job that will let him be at home at night but still provide for the #1's in his life, finding a home....good grief....once again...poor guy.


Anonymous said... are one strong women! I will be keeping YOU and the family in my thoughts...

Kat said...

Who ever you are incredibly sweet and I really appreciate that.


I hoped you are blessed in return.