Monday, September 28, 2009

Lunchtime Blaaahging

  • I don't feel good today. I didn't feel good yesterday either.
  • This morning I got a hearing test at the hospital as provided by my work place due to the loud noises in our shop.
  • They put you in this little...very little booth....have you wear head phones, give you a clicker to click when you hear any series of beeping, and then shut the door.
  • I took this test last year and knew what to expect. I didn't have a problem with the booth. I normally don't have a big deal with tight spaces.
  • Today I had a problem. I felt hot, nervous, dizzy, was wierd. I knew the booth was fine...I wouldn't get stuck, it wouldn't collapse...but still...panick.
  • My hearing is still good although I've had a loss in hearing in my left ear since last year's test. That's probably not good.
  • I went for a bike ride Saturday to work on payroll since I would be coming in late today. I loved it. I could almost pinky promise that I didn't open that throttle up and go somewhere between 90 and 100 on the freeway.
  • I normally love the smell of the outdoors on the bike....except in a construction zone, I got stuck riding behind a cattle truck. Ick.
  • I hate passing trucks on the bike on the highway. It sucks and scares the heck out of me.
  • I have a big problem with staying under the speed limit when driving my pinto. I have a problem keeping it up to the speed limit when riding on the bike. I'd think that would be opposite.
  • There is a Stick Horse Rodeo this weekend the kids will be doing. I can't wait!!!
  • I "friended" a friend of mine on facebook and saw a photo album that tracked her progress with a battle of cancer. Through pics of baldness, treatments, not good days....she still looks incredible. She has this spirit that shows right through regardless of how she looks. You can seriously see that spunk in her eyes.
  • My older daughter signed up for and was seriously looking forward to volleyball this fall. The league has been cancelled. More on that later.
  • The Iran bit scares the hell out of me.
Back to working....even though I don't feel-a-good.

1 comment:

mzchief said...

See what happens when you have a boyfriend with germs?...*;)
Remember the 11th law of physics...
"It's always the guy's fault."

I hate passing trucks in my car, I cannot imagine how scary it must be to do it on a donorcycle. Keep the speed down, you have precious, wee-people depending on you to keep yourself and them safe.

Get well soon.