Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lunchtime Blogging

  • I felt a little better last night, until I ate, but I survived, so all is good. I hope.
  • The recession has finally hit. Our hours at work got cut back, but we've only cut back our overtime. I wasn't getting to much overtime and have budgeted for 40 hours. I'll be ok. I feel bad for the rest of the guys that were getting well over 40 hours each week.
  • This is supposed to be temporary. I hope their right. It did take us awhile to get caught up to the recession.
  • I sat and did my budget last night like a good girl. Good grief it takes me too long to do that. I'm probably making it waay harder than it has to be. I was the biggest grump, had the biggest headache and wanted to bad to just goof off on the inkernet.
  • I've decided I'm gonna go ahead and play the lottery and win the big one. (When are those lotto drawings again?)
  • Blogger now has an "add location" feature. What the heck does that thing do?
  • I have a race coming up in 3 weeks. Let the race season begin! Woo hoo! This first race is here in Decatur and my sweet puppy dog gets to come with. (Please please please just let me finish that race!)
  • For the next few months, I'll be getting off half an hour earlier than I used to. It was really wierd doing that yesterday.
  • I worked Satruday and came in early Monday and then it was announced that the cutback was going to take place. I'll already have overtime this week. Whew.
  • Remind me to tell you about the disappointing Volleyball League later tonight.
  • K-get back to work.

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Anonymous said...

what race do u have? the ucoming 5k?