Saturday, September 5, 2009

Summer Rocks

End of summer. Is it official after labor day?

Seems like the year has flown by and my girls have just sprouted over night.

Everyone is good today. The boy had a melt down this morn but not as bad as others.

This evening he almost had another and then had a change of heart pretty quick. I was really proud of him....and on a weekend day not medicated.

Boating was great. I even hopped in the lake despite my life long fear of being eaten by some water creature. Then I lost my shoes, got nipped on the foot by a big fish and then was done.

Amazingly, my brother found both....yes BOTH shoes. The whole bit was funny.

A ton of boats everywhere. We even saw a helicopter land. Our cabin neighbor told us he is the owner of Pizza Hut and a big partier, especially around 4th of July....where he pays for the firework show.

Time for bed.

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shamelin said...

Very nice
wish I was there to enjoy that with you......