Thursday, September 10, 2009


I did not cry in front of the cute dentist!
I did not cry in front of the cute dentist!
I did not cry in front of the cute dentist!
Toof better. I went straight to work after and the guys got a giggle at work! The bosses asked me a few questions when I got there and I just gave them a look.
Then at lunch, all the guys kept saying hello, small chit chat...I'd halfway smile and nod yes or no.
One guy finally figured out by standing in one spot and just watching, that I (Miss-Rarely-Doesn't-Speak) didn't say one word.
He finally said, "OK, what happened to your mouth?"
"Dentist, Problem fixed, meds wearing off, pain starting"
He laughs, apologizes, wishes me a quick return to my full use of vocabulary and goes along his merry way.

OK, now back to the cute dentist. Ok, maybe my eyes fell a little deceiving yesterday. He was cute, soft spoken and gentle with a pleasant calm demeanor. He also had very pretty eyes, and without the respiratory mask--I noticed he had a pleasant smile too. Go figure, a dentist with a good looking smile. I did learn today that he is married. Boo. BUT, ya should have seen the way his pretty eyes lit up when he spoke of her. I asked long have you been here? Kids? He was even cuter talking about her. Awww....a cute guy in wuv. Now THAT was adorable.

(I work around a bunch of guys dedicated to their wives. It's ALWAYS cute to hear them talk about the wives. There is one that just about melts anytime her name is mentioned....and they've been married awhile...they should be nominated for cutest couple award.)

So, today, I park amongst some crazy construction blocking the entire parking lot. The three construction workers present stop what they're doing and smile and tell me I can go right in the front door. Through their reflection in the glass as I walk away....typical construction guys checking out my backside: One started to make a little gesture that he figured I didn't see....I turned around as I walked in giggling. There's no way he figured out that I saw.

I'm a bit excited to go kinda sorta fake flirt with the guy fixing to work on my broken pearly mostly white...when ...... Helllllooooo Mr. Construction Boss talking to the Dental Clinic. I think the dental hygentist was drooling over him too. What a looker. Wow.....

Good news?
I did get pics of him.

Bad news?
I attempted to get pics of the cute dentist....I got the ceiling, the counter and the wall...None of which had him in the pic. I'm normally better than that...and on the first try.
BUTT (did I spell that right? ;-) enjoy a pic or two of cute construction worker boss sporting the flip flops and shorts. Nice.

Maybe that dentist office isn't so bad after all.


Denney Crane said...

You're such a pushover for a pretty face... especially when the meds are kicked in!

Anonymous said...

WOOOO HOOO!!! He can clean my teeth anytime!! lol

Thanks <3 Kbug