Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Thoughts

I'm testing a new blogging app. Once again I'm disappointed to get a phone call and lose everything I've written.
I got up early yesterday and took my puppy jogging at the park. She likes the creeks. It was cute to see her wade around.
I should have taken her to the lake on Labor Day. She probably would have loved that.
Brother and kids are still doing good. Brother needs a job. A real job. Then he can get a place to live.
I love my brother and adore his kids but he soooo needs a job and a home.
I took a big, huge, fat nap yesterday and woke up halfway through the Texas Tech, Texas game.
Tech's quarterback, Taylor Potts, looks 35. He's how old?
Today my brother's youngest is having a birthday party. She's officially 2.
We took brother's kids to the homecoming football game. The boy met the Eagle Mascot and became smitton. If you're a facebook friend of mine, check out the homecoming pics. I haven't seen him smile that big with eyes that lit up before.
He REALLY wanted her autograph and declared he was her biggest fan. He was so excited.
I love the football games. The Baby Daddy had the girls there. They love that stuff too, but more for the socializing. I loved hanging out with them.
If the girls went to more of them I probably would too.
K-now time to get up and stop being a lazy bum.

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