Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Toof Probwelms


So, I'm sitting at work and minding my own cookie-snack-business when for no reason at all other than because it was being tooth looses a chunk of a filling.




So in three eigths of a second (give or take) I go from enjoying cheating on a diet of three months to tasting blood in the back of my throat.


So I freak out and call the dentist. My little dentist gal giggled over the phone. She apologized for giggling...(I might admit that it was a little funny).

AT any rate. I rush to my sweet old man dentist's office and he's not there. I get stuck with the new (and possibly a smidge cute) young dentist. Hey now. Oh...sorry, Denny, the dentist was a cute male., but if it makes you happy to picture the dentist a all each his .....or her own.

So...tomorrow morning, I get me a new filling....until I can save my nickels and dimes for a crown.

At 8:20 am tomorrow....think of me...I'll be under the funny gas while you're hard at work in the office.


Anonymous said...

While I'm hard at work..could you please post a pic of the cute dentist?

Kat said...

Heck yeah!!

Would I ever turn down a request from a faithful reader?

I'll be seeing how many different angles I can sneak in. (tee-hee-hee)

It's all for you, Anon!!!

mzchief said...

See what happens when you do not brush your teeth before you go to bed.