Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Walmart Failure.

  • My entire day was insanely busy.
  • At 8:45pm I stared down at blue mouth wash on my carpet of my daughter's room, chewed some serious butt to all four kids and then decided I needed an escape.
  • I got "smart" and took the road to Wal-mart.
  • I put Mr. Uncle in charge of over seeing the clean up of the mouth wash mess and then reading. I was running off to Wal-mart for some weekday dinners.
  • I got what I needed from Wal-mart and was ready to go, when I saw a slightly humorous t-shirt, left the basket, walked 20 feet, looked for my daughter's size, went back to the basket....Wait...where'd the basket go? I only walked off for a thirty seconds.
  • I go to the checker. She offers: Are you shopping alone? (Yes.) Well, if a basket was "picked up" by another employee, it would come to me to put stuff up. (It wouldn't go anywhere else?) No, Ma'am. What did you have in your basket? (Shaving cream, breakfast food, dinners, license plate replacement lights that I searched FORever for.) Are you sure you are shopping alone? (Huh?) There was a gentleman who just checked out and bought license plate lights. (For real? Some guy just bought my stuff? what a nut!) Ma'm I'm very sorry. (Yea, thanks, now I gotta "shop" all over again.")
  • I had to get another basket and go through the "do-over" It's hard enough to remember to get all the stuff in my head once....but to do it back to back a second time. That sucked.
  • I was torn between strange stalker and a trick by walmar hoping to get me to spend more money by shopping again.
  • I made it through....woo hoo.
  • I go through the 10 item express lane, friendly-entertaining gal that made me giggle even though I was very grumpy and tired at this point.
  • I walk away...and right in front of me at the service desk sits......(the one on the left).

  • MY BASKET!!!!

  • Ugh!
  • Dang Wal-mart.
  • It's Tuesday....I'm at home...and staying out of that tricky sneaky Wal-mart.

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