Thursday, September 3, 2009

What's today?

  • I tried to add up the hours of sleep I've had this week in my head and it wasn't good.
  • Not the actual adding, but the number.
  • Last night the boy threw the biggest tantrum ever. Last Monday was bad....last night was far worse.
  • He's grounded from anything fun through Friday.
  • He's on medication during the day to help him at school. After school it wears off and he turns into a different kid. Last night he spent twenty minutes just screaming at me from his bed. He was down right angry. I calmly went to him and let him know that it doesn't matter how many times he screams, hits or kicks the wall, or where he throws the pillows and blankets....he is still not going to get his way, he will still be not involved in any fun activities over the next three days and if he keeps it up then his entire lake weekend will be spent that way.
  • He stopped screaming, kicking, hitting and throwing things. He then stayed calm for the remainder of the evening.
  • This all started over him wanting something that I was telling him he could have. Yes, I did type could.
  • I think I felt the saddest when I heard a little sniffle from his room when I was reading the bedtime book to the girls and he had to skip out. My older daughter heard it too and gave me a look of....ohhh, come on...let him come listen.
  • I stood strong and said, no. His behavior will not be tolerated by anyone at all.
  • And good grief that child can say the most hateful mean things when he gets that way and then an hour later can be the sweetest, funniest, cutest kid.
  • I've got a call in to the doc for help. His meds run out this week and he HAS to have them AT LEAST for school. I'm hoping the doc here might have a different solution and different med that he could take at night without being zombied out.
  • Bless his ever loving heart.
  • And good grief, he had a coughing spell at midnight. I got up.
  • My younger one had a coughing spell after. I got up.
  • His little sister walked down the hallway and just stood there. I got up.
  • My older one crawled in bed with me. I woke up.
  • At five I realized I was exhausted and my throat was killing me.
  • At five thirty the alarm went off and my neice got up.
  • I'm at work and am wishing I would have gone back to bed. The older one got picked up by the Babby Daddy at 11 from the school nurse.
  • I'm keeping my fingers crossed Baby Daddy lets her rest instead of running her around everywhere.
  • Ugh....speaking of running around....lunch over, time to chase after some purchase orders.
  • I almost posted some funny stuff last night but after cleaning up and emailing I lacked the strength.
  • We might have to make bedtime begin an hour earlier. I tired.
  • Night, ya'll.
  • Wait...not yet....staying awake....going to the coffee machine.


Ryanntx said...

You are a GREAT person for taking care of your brothers kids!

mzchief said...

You handled the situation very well.

Your nephew learned, from someone, to say, in anger, those hateful things. Always make him apologize, for every word, when he says, in anger, mean hurtful things. If he says three hateful/mean things he owes you three apologies. Explain to him he must apologize not because the words hurt you but his saying the words hurt the way you think about him and his apology goes a long way to making you think better of him. It teaches him that his actions/words impacts what people, who love him, think about him. It is important to teach children to value what the people, who love them, think and feel about them. The fact he will have to apologize for every hateful/mean thing he says will make him think twice BEFORE he says something hateful/mean. By teaching him this lesson he will be less inclined to use hurtful words against people who love him and he loves.

Kat said...

MzChief, Ahhh.....a little boy teared up tonight.

He called me fat when we got home and I did tell him calmly that he hurt my feelings and I didn't think that was very nice of him. I made him say sorry. I think they might have made a bigger impact than a spanking.

I think it had a bigger impact on me too. I've always made my girls apologize to each other or other kids if they said something that wasn't nice. I've never looked at a child and said (calmly) that hurt my feelings and you need to apologize to me.

Ugh. Little pill.

Ryantxx, I so appreciate your support. Positive comments go a looonng way and really help out.
Next week my brother comes up with his 2 year old....keeping fingers crossed he still supports the new routine.