Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday Thoughts

  • Tuesday means there's only 4 days left to the weekend.
  • I'm sitting at my desk this afternoon and heard my daughter outside approaching the door and crying. I jump up quickly, as she is normally calm and collected like myself, to find her really crying. I grab her quickly and ask what is wrong.....she mumbles something. I calm her down...try again, calmly tell me what's wrong (my heart pounding fearing the worst) she saw a....a....a...huge, big, gigantic.....sp...spi....spf....spid....spider (more tears). I ask her to show me and sure enough....there it is...a huge tarantula nearby in the grass.
  • Ewwww......I still shutter. Ick....
  • (Even worse is that I had to google how to spell that....ick...images popped up.
  • Halloween in 12 days. I sorta excited. I'm going to a Halloween Party that should be off the hook. (Isn't that what the young kids call it?) But I don't get to take my kids trick or treating because Halloween just happens to fall on the Baby Daddy's weekend this year. Dangit. Now how am I supposed to get buckets of chocolate and pencils? Buy them? Pfft..whatever!
  • I decided to play with a "how to" I learned how to download a youtube video and add a song to it. Doesn't that seem like it would be a simple task?
  • I'm kinda really getting back into this flute playing bit. I'm most amazed at how the memory of everything comes rushing back into my little brain.
  • Someone was kind enough to forward a site with a ton of free sheet music on it. I'm excited!
  • Hey look! You can drunk tweet or tweet and wine!!
  • Ok, carry on. I apologize for torturing you with my thoughts. (There should be a warning label somewhere.)

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mzchief said...

Make certain to share a picture of your Halloween costume. You dressing as a motorcycle rider is NOT a costume...*LOL*

Learning to play and practicing a musical instrument is important to building specific pathways/synapse in your brain that helps your brain function more proficiently. Once those pathways are built they do not die off unless you have a brain injury/disease. People who have learned to play an instrument are less likely to suffer as harshly from the ravages of Alzheimer's as people who have not learned to play a musical instrument.