Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

  • Hey, I went to high school, with this guy.
  • Don't get me grouching on the many downfalls of owning an original iphone. Sigh...I ain't got no MMS. sniff. sniff. That makes me all sorts of sad.
  • Hey, APPLE! If you aren't gonna bestow upon me the capability to enjoy some MMS'in then AT LEAST, come up with some sort of message to a person sending a pic to me that I'm an IDIOT and still own an original iphone and will NOT be getting a pic.
  • OK, I'm calm...I'm calm. Sorry, I get passionate over the pic situation.
  • Yesterday, my poor little sweet pea's lungs suffered the effects of some good ole fashioned allergies. Yeppers...asthma attack all the way. She was pretty easy, she played on the computer, watched cartoons, took her medicine and let me watch a little tivo and clean.
  • She was upset that she was missing school and was scared she wasn't gonna make a slumber party this Saturday if it was a cold or the flu.
  • Poor baby.
  • One more day at home resting those sweet little lungs outta do it.
  • I'll admit, I got sucked in and played with the lights for a bit. I'm not sure who is supposed to go them. I looked at that sight at 10:03 PM last night and there was 16 other people moving the camera and playing with the lights. I'm looking again tonight.
  • There is someone that I know that keeps accidentally calling me from their cell and they'll leave a message that is them walking with cell phone probably in their pocket or them talking to someone or.....I've gotten three different phone calls with messages now. I keep forgetting to call them back and let them know.
  • Someone in my neighborhood as wifi and my iphone hops a ride on it at home....but I only get it at certain spots in my house and not consistently. I sure appreciate it though.
  • My brother's interview yesterday was really a testing session in two different locations. He feels pretty good about it. Fingers. Crossed.
  • Hey...make today a GREAT Thursday!!! (Or just get through the day with thoughts of tomorrow being Friday!)
PS. I took the attached pic a couple of weeks ago. If you hate feet, I'm so sorry you had to see that.

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