Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ending of Week Thoughts

  • Screw, off! I'm joking! Ok, so it's Thursday.
  • Last night was some good happy times at the First Baptist Church's Trunk or Treat.
  • One of the kids left there candy bag in my car. Wonder if I'll remember to tell them?
  • The kids begged to eat candy after it was over. I let the them each have a piece if they agreed to jog home.
  • They did! They were let free two (lonng) blocks from home. (There's no telling what the neighbors thought of that.)
  • Survivor tonight! (Woo hoo!!)
  • I spent waaay too much time last night on importing my old blog into this blog and trying to add those cute little labels. Way. Too. Much. Time.
  • That's all I needed, another night with little sleep.
  • Don't expect to hear from me until 3pm on Saturday. I'll be catching up with some zzz's.
  • Another 5k in three weeks and a 10k over the Thanksgiving weekend...BUT my sweet momma is doing both....yeppers..her first 10k.
  • I have some friends coming to town from out of state next month. Excitement doesn't even come close to describing how I feel.
  • My sweet mommy may have or may not have posted a comment yesterday in regards to the Cheerios commercial. Since she signed it, :Mom" and not "Double Fake Mom" I believe it to have been her....and I disagree with her comment.
  • I'm pretty sure that I remember her promising me a cereal box cover if I would just smile and sit still for two seconds.
  • Hey, Halloween is two days away. Bring me chocolate. Now.
  • Pic attached is another piece of my Halloween outfit. Suspense. Wonder what it could be?!
  • Enjoy Thursday, y'all. :-)


mzchief said...

Since BG is your BoyToy, my guess is that the picture is of the top to your Halloween costume. When do I get my prize?...*;)

Barry Green said...

MzChief, step into my office. I'd like a word with you.