Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lunchtime Blogging

  • Yea...blogging and a chicken paramasian diet dinner. Yum!
  • Last night I took a couple of little girls to the park so I could jog with the dog. After jogging the girls talked me into the trail by a creek. Can you guess what the crazy dog did? Yep..pic above. She jumped right in. I had no idea snow dogs would be such big fans of bodies of water.
  • I just read that a UK Court has order a writ to be served via Twitter. That's crazy. Who ever is behind this Twitter account is gonna get in trouble.
  • I have been waking up in the middle of the night for the past three nights. That's not normal for me at all. I'm the type that can sleep through a tornado.
  • I got a flu shot today at my office. They gave me a looney tunes band-aid and a sucker. 
  • Report cards come out Monday. Woo hoo! 1st 6 weeks over! 5 more to go until Summer. 
  • I'm now addicted to itunes App Store on the iphone. Every night I browse through and read them. I'm so addicted.
  • On my facebook, on my relation to my brother I chose 'sister'. Dang facebook makes the other person accept that first. was still funny even if he was the only one that saw it.
  • I got more to blog but I lack the time. I sacrificed some lunchtime to run to the store for some yummy Red Bull.
  • Red Bull is not the same as the Bad Girl drink and I miss that stuff---they stopped making it. I'm still going through withdrawals.
  • K-Later! :-)

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mzchief said...

I love, absolutely love, the App store. I did the new 3.something update for my iTouch 2G. I got headphones with a mic just so I can use "Voice Memos." I'm addicted to "Sheep Launch" and "Cubes" and love the "Lose it" free app to keep track of my work-outs and calories. I am more than certain I am addicted to Apps.

BTW..."Piano Man" is loads of fun to play and you can pass the phone/touch around and let several people play each song to see who does it best.