Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Thoughts

  • I got to see Paranormal Activity Saturday. Not bad. I refuse to admit that at the end I was breathing a little nervously fast. For me, it was totally believable. There were only four characters total and the two main characters seemed like excerpts from my life....the ice maker sounds in the middle of the night, the screaming over the spider...etc.
  • I actually read a review about Paranormal Activity last month and saved the website so I would make sure to see it...with a warning for language, the review made me wanna see it. There's a couple more on their list I want to see.
  • Friday night dinner date was at Los Molcajetes Mexican Restaurant. It was actually pretty good. The chicken, beef, shrimp and quail was pretty good....well, ok, I didn't eat the quail cause I felt I felt bad for the poor little bird and just couldn't bring myself to try it. I wussed out.
  • Saturday morning jog with my dog was pretty good, but that crazy dog stopping abruptly in front of me is going to send me tripping and flying across the side walk one of these days.
  • That same dog howling at trains in the middle of the night is gonna drive me batty.
  • Sunday....I slept most of the day. I liked Sunday. I should really attempt to get more sleep during the week so I don't crash and play catch up during the weekends.
  • I might be going back to see another Cowboys game next month. Fingers crossed that works out.
  • I also have another 5k and a 10k next month. Eek! (Note to self...lay off the chocolate.)
  • I have a weekly weigh-in on Sundays. Yesterday showed a loss of half a pound last week. I know, I know...every little bit adds up...but good grief..half a pound is frustrating to see after being a good little eater and exerciser all week long.
  • The U2 Webcast last night was pretty freakin cool. I could see his forehead wrinkle while singing.....and I have the bigger screen monitor for my computer and it was great to watch. I caught that on a tech blog.
  • Good grief, that was one heck of a big crowd. Makes me feel like this is a great big world we live in.
  • Enjoy your Monday.

Attached pic was evidence of someone walking out of The Movie Tavern with a mug! They blatantly took it out of the theatre. Can you believe the nerve of some crazy people?!


Tara Knarr said...

Pssst, you do get to keep those. We have 2 of 'em.

Kat said...

What about the silverware? Do you get to keep those too?

No reason for asking, of course.