Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What do you think?

Slideshow with more here.

So yes or no?

I think it's creative and different.
The person that sent me the link thinks not so much.


Jarhead said...

Kinda slutty.


mzchief said...

I think the distressed wedding dress photos are awesome. The artsy photos of the girls in the water and the painted couple are my favourites.

My dress has already been distressed. Hubby and I were married on a beach in Hawaii. My dress has already been trashed because I wore it having an awesome time hula, limbo, disco and ballroom dancing at our pig roast luau reception, on the beach. Everyone had a great time playing in the sand, brief drizzle, then fireside singing/dancing/drinking dressed in their best. I still have my sandy, stained wedding dress wrapped in a box. A few years ago, I took a look at my dress. The wear and small tear to the hem reminded me of the awesome fun we had 20+ years ago on that beach with approx 25 of our dearest friends. BTW...I got off the plane told my inlaws to be, "I need to buy a dress for tomorrow." I thought my MIL to be was going to pass out. We went to a small bridal salon, purchased a size 6 sample. I used the shop's sewing machine to take in the waist and hips and 4 hours after getting off the plane had a perfectly fitted white wedding gown to wear the next morning. I brought my beaded sandals, tiara and veil from home.

Anonymous said...

Why not...I like the top pics that you posted and I also like the painted couple..YES

Zeb said...

I really dig these photos. One of the reasons I don't shoot weddings is because I don't want to shoot the same old bride and groom photos. I need to find some of these people who want to do something unique.