Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mystery Theatre.....

last night in Decatur...was cool!!!

I got a call to help out with a mystery theatre and play the part of the pushy reporter.

I loved it!

The crowd was small but great! My part was pretty easy considering the director was awesome enough to allow me a little cheating by putting some lines on a notepad for me.

It looked authentic. I dressed up a bit, curled my hair and I even got to carry around a microphone. Props! How fun is that?

An officer from Decatur PD came out in uniform and did an excellent job. The way he interrogated the suspects seemed to come naturally to him!

It was an interactive mystery theatre as in, two hosts led the crowd through each scene and let them inspect the crime scenes, look over the evidence and listen in on the questioning by the officer.

After all the evidence was shown, all the witnesses interviewed, the audience got to look through their notes and write down who they believed the murderer was. The winner got a gift card to Walmart and all audience members were given a goody bag.

It was fun and I would definitely do it again!

I actually had an audition to a live mystery theatre in the metroplex earlier this year and chickened out last minute. I felt terrible for not going, wrote a letter of apology to the director and thanked him for the opportunity. I wish I had gone through with that. It was a paid weekend gig and tonight's glimpse into the mystery theatre scene was fantastic.

I love acting!

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