Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Thoughts with stuff I found

  • OK I came across the above pic and funny (but not a bad idea). I was gonna jokingly post that I want those until I feel in love with #10 on this list.
  • My eyes are seriously getting bad. I left my glasses in my a different purse yesterday and suffered all day. I had a headache by noon.
  • I found a good bathroom reading site.....not that I spend enough time to sit in there and read....ok.....nough' of that....ahem.... enjoy reading where ever you are with this site.
  • Michael Jackson' Autopsy Report from AP News.
  • I like flickr. I like sunsets. I like reflections. All in one.
  • I haven't watched Survivor yet. I'm saving it for this weekend. So, don't talk to me about it.
  • I wasted waaay too much time looking at this.
  • I jogged last night with the puppy dog and got home to no electricity in the entire neighborhood. So I went for a walk, got back-electricity back on. I fiddled for half an hour and jumped in the shower.
  • Conditioner in hair, soap on body.....lights go out. Nice. I showered in the dark.
  • I'm still scared Survivor didn't record on the TiVo. I have a back up plan if it didn't.
  • On with the Friday.

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Zeb said...

Yeah...I don't know that I would put my hands into a sketchy gadget like that. I'm sure nothing could go wrong with that.