Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday Thoughts

  • Oh, oh, poor, sweet blonde daughter. I sent her a text message and she actually asked me to repeat what I texted. I was giggling when I told her to go back and read the text again. 
  • I did a photo shoot Saturday for a anniversary celebration (15 years). Very cute couple. Good family...but good grief I walked around in heals for four hours taking pics...I haven't worn heals in forever. I was actually missing my steel toe boots!
  • Speaking of photos...I get very excited not only of the arrival of a photoshop app for the iphone...but also, because it's FREE!! Woo hoo!!
  • To start using the app I need to set up an online account....but I can't because I get:

...when I tried to follow a link to create an account. Nice.
  • Wanna see an actual tv show on TLC about couples that raise baby monkeys as their own children? (and you thought I was am wierd!)
  • We'll watch anything on tv these days, won't we?
  • I went jogging last night. I knew it wasn't gonna be fun because I goofed off and started kinda late. I stepped outside and it was refreshingly chilly and a smidge misty. When I got three miles away it was heavy drizzle and cold. 
  • Also yesterday, I passed a cop driving down a main street in the metroplex and he was texting! Texting while driving!! I was so apalled and thought about blogging about that....but since I was driving I just made a note on my notes app on the iphone instead. Yep, while driving, I typed up a note to myself about how upset I was to see a cop texting while driving. 
  • I not very smart sometimes.
  • It's know what's coming this afternoon, right? Right...Caption This....
  • Happy Columbus Day.


Zeb said...

You don't have to register for a account to use the app. Just go to the edit section of the app. The only additional features you will gain from registering for an account are the upload ability, the ability to view photos uploaded to and being able to e-mail those photos on The app has a lot of great features, but it still falls short of all of the available features/tools on the actual site. But with the app and an account you can upload your pics to their site and then go to their site on a PC to do any major editing you need to do. also acts as a photo hosting site and online gallery. When you setup an account, you also get to choose your subdomain (i.e. I also noticed that you can link your PS account to your Facebook, Flickr and Photobucket accounts. Everything links to everything these days.


mzchief said...

I cannot get the Adobe Flash Player to load on my iTouch 2G even when I have the iTouch plugged in to my laptop and access Adobe via my iTouch via my laptop.