Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Thoughts

  • I ran my (5k) race Saturday and almost beat my best ever time. I was less than a minute away from it. (I blame the dog stopping know.)
  • I didn't place though my mother did. 2nd place in her age group. She smoked her best time by several minutes. I'm trying to talk her into a 10k next month.
  • I watched the Texas-OU game after the race, but fell asleep through part of it and woke up in the 3rd quarter. I had to back up and watch the miss parts later.
  • After the game I did what any normal person would have done: laundry and flute playing. I can now pay Titanic and Greensleeves on the flute.
  • I have a friend that sends me a text message to call them. (They've done this three times this last week.) Hey! Just call and skip the text.
  • I didn't blog anything Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I feel bad.
  • Most annoying website.
  • Monday...

1 comment:

mzchief said...

Congrats on the race. The only thing that could make me run is being chased by a grizzly bear and even then I probably would not run since I know I could not out run the bear or anyone I was with. I am a swimmer, skier and golfer. Any athletic endeavours outside those three and I lose.