Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday Throughts

  • I think I have a head cold, but I refuse to admit that. I did not get to give my Tuesday thoughts yesterday.
  • Five NEW Things That Will Blow Your Time article from 2005.
  • I know someone who went to the State Fair today and I quote: "So I broke down and went to the fair. Talk about feeling you arteries harden!! Whew! Wore me out. I tried fried butter, fried coke, fried peaches n cream, and chicken fried bacon. What a workout!!"
  • I get THAT email after I spent my time on the treadmill last night and eating my "Smart One" TV dinner with the kids eating fish sticks and tater tots.
  • Hey! Both my kids made Honor Rolls!! Heck yeah!!!!
  • Speaking of school, have you ever heard of a "Cough Spot" before? The kids are reporting how vigilant the teachers are with keeping germs contained. If you cough, you don't cover your mouth with your hands anymore-you cough into your elbow.
  • My kids get their flu shots today....shhh...don't tell them!
  • I finished a photo last night that I randomly took of a couple at another wedding earlier this year. They have decided to get married and are using my pic as an announcement. I made some minor changes, added their names and wedding date and really like the pic.
  • I also went through this weekend's pics of a wedding I took and am happy with those pics too.
  • Another wedding in a couple of weeks and these are really good friends of mine. 
  • Halloween costume shopping can be 
  • That's it for now. Enjoy Wednesday. Yep...Wednesday already! Gotta love a Holiday week that goes fast.

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