Monday, October 5, 2009

Tuesday's Thoughts and Stuff:

  • (Written Monday Night.)
  • Oh my. Save this read until you get home. It just might make you cry.
  • I haven't backed up or synced my iphone since early September. That tends to cause problems.
  • I tried twice this week and it kept freezing. I had to ask the Great Google what to do.
  • It's backing up....taking forever. (I'm starting to get concerned.)
  • On nights like this I wish I were a little on the smarter side.
  • I found what you can do next weekend in Wise County next weekend: Music Fest and 5k Run in Decatur. Sara's Cure.
  • I read alot of facebook updates this weekend talking about yard work being done. I kinda wish I had done my yard work. It's supposed to rain for the next two days?
  • Someone called my weed-eater ghetto when I described what kind it was.
  • I've hear the Party in The USA Song over and over and over and finally happened to see who is singing it......oh no. Wasn't that girl just 12 years old 3 months ago? What is she now? 30? Good grief.
  • iphone synced, yea...but still having troubles.
  • I'm done for the night. My pillow calls.


Well, not every iPhone, the original iPhone is being left out of the MMS party because of hardware differences. Users still connected via their first-gen iPhone are omitted from this particular firmware update feature. Apple stated at their iPhone 3.0 event in March that there are enough hardware changes from the original iPhone to the iPhone 3G that MMS and Stereo Bluetooth will not be available on the original iPhone.

Ahh. Ha! And now I know why I was having troubles. Nice. So no MMS for me! (suddenly "the soup Nazi" pops into my head.)

(Thanks to my "nerdy" emailer friend for the depressing tip.)

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