Tuesday, October 13, 2009

That's it?


Created by WhatsMyTwitterAccountWorth.com

I sooo figured it would be more!


mzchief said...

My guess is my Twitter account is not worth two cents. I am a horrible Tweeter. When I am doing something, I am typically, too busy to think about Tweeting or I am with Hubby who hates the entire concept of Twitter and texting. However, Hubby, frequently asks me to text something to our son while our son is in class.

Vicki said...

Created by WhatsMyTwitterAccountWorth.com

Kat said...

I figured SURELY I'd be worth more than $17!! I twit great useless stuff!


Vicki...you've never even tweeted..how do you get to be worth $2?

Ugh...that means each of my tweet are only worth $0.02

Zeb said...

Actually...more like half a cent each. Ouch!

Jarhead said...


Maybe if you'd cut back on all the smartassed comments you make re: my Tweets, your account would be worth more.

Just a thought.