Thursday, October 22, 2009

Friday Eve Thoughts

  • Yea! One day to Friday!!!!
  • I jogged last night.
  • Really.
  • The point? Well, my sweet nephew (who ran a crazy 2nd place finish this weekend at a 1k) decides to give me a million questions over the treadmill. With promises of good behavior for the evening from him, I agree to seriously consider allowing him to try it out after supper.
  • The kid can run. Seriously! He's almost a freak of nature with the running bit.....and hello to the new form of medication for that hyperactivity issue.
  • I know it sounds crazy, but signing him up for a 5k is in the works. He broke school records in kindergarten. I'm telling ya, the kid can run.
  • If he beats me....I'm not blogging about it. It never happened. Deny. Deny. Deny.
  • For Halloween......dangit, a sweet commenter advised against the motorcycle babe outfit? Drat and I have the jacket and the helmet in pink!
  • I might post a pic of the chosen outfit. Maybe.
  • Nice weather Tuesday evening and I didn't mow. I looked out the window and told myself I was going to....and then didn't.
  • I'm regretting it now.
  • Kinda.
  • Ok, I'm not really regretting it.
  • I might mow this weekend. Or not. Probably not.
  • Whatever I do this weekend, I'll take ya with me and keep you informed of all the up to the minute happenings.
  • Ok, I wouldn't torture you that way.
  • I'm getting sucked in/addicted to youtube videos. I came across the "fat man demanding his chicken" video with some serious language. I feel terribly bad for the man.....without the chicken....that just happens to be a size larger than myself.
  • Oh...and I looovve rumors! Google (I read this on more than one site) is possibly looking to add a little music to their see sea of knowledge.
  • Enjoy the day before Friday. :-)
  • Off.

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