Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Thoughts

  • I watched a bit of the Dallas Denver game and kept noticing that Denver had pink gloves on. It bugged me because it totally clashed with their team colors. When I finally noticed that one of Dallas' players had pink on his cleats, I guessed it was Breast Cancer Awareness. I was right.
  • I went to the doctor Saturday and almost didn't get seen because of all the flu victims. I also found out that a monthly injection I get is not being covered by my insurance. My doctor's office appealed and appealed and are now giving the uncovered balance to me to pay. Nice.... a whole year's worth of shots and I am just now finding out that it's not covered.
  • It's almost not worth having insurance....except we (work) are fixing to switch companies.
  • I've caught some episodes of South Park over the last couple of weeks. That's one strange show. (I swear I did NOT laugh at it last night!)
  • My older daughter informed me after dinner last night....out of the blue...."Two more years and I'll be in high school." I'm pretty sure that was the moment I almost had a heart attack. I told that child I will NOT allow her to be going to high school.
  • Where'd I put that paper bag.?
  • I wore shorts yesterday.
  • I regretted wearing shorts yesterday.
  • I wish I had a fireplace.
  • I went to the Stickhorse Rodeo. Oh my, that was cute, incredibly fun....and that deserves it's own post. I might have to brag for a milli-sec.
  • I wish everyone would use block form when writing. It's bugs me if everything isn't nice and neat on both sides.
  • My thoughts might be blonde and skattered but at least it looks nice.
  • It's Monday. All day. Yuk.

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