Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hump Day!

  • We switched insurances at work yesterday, so I had the pleasure of showing up to work half an hour early to help out. I'm still worn out and it was only half an hour early.
  • I'm mostly excited that we have better insurance.
  • I had a friend email me last night with a funny memory from their younger days. I refuse to admit #1) what it was or #2) that I had to erase that from The Google Contraption.
  • I've been giggling and reading tweets about a guy that doesn't know his room mate is tweeting about him. Shhh, don't tell Steve.
  • If Steve reads about that here, figures out he's the target, then I demand credit, an interview, or an autographed picture of the whole bunch.
  • I swear that Steve thing is worse than a soap gets updated all the time!
  • Ugh. I also saw yesterday on the twitter thingie that an artist I'm crazy over has a new painting.....I'm refraining from it. (or at least trying really, really, really hard to)
  • I had a really normal, boring, uneventful day yesterday.
  • I'm gonna work hard at making today crazier.
  • Now.

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