Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday Thoughts

  • It's only uphill one more day....tomorrow we tip the hump and slide down to the weekend. We're practically almost there. I can smell Friday's chips and salsa already.
  • Pic attached is part of my Halloween costume. Any guesses on what it'll be? (Hint: Those are NOT motorcycle gloves.)
  • I want THIS guys job. This guy is brilliant. His whole deal is to wear your company's shirt for a day. Wonder if I can apply to be the cute chic wearing shirts everyday and twitting, blogging and face booking about it.
  • Hey....shhh....don't tell my little one, but I kinda, sorta cleaned out her toy boxes and reorganized over the past several days. I started out looking for something and completely forgot what I was looking for.
  • Either way.... I can totally see her floor....all of it! AND it's nice and organized in my very own OCD way.
  • Can I cancel Christmas so they don't bring anymore toys into the house? Would that be wrong?
  • Last night wore me out.....other than the fact it was still Monday..it was ballet class and Cub Scout day. I need a nap today.
  • I'm falling behind on my Survivor...I haven't watched the last episode yet.
  • Maybe I'll do that tonight....don't tell me who got voted off. I'll hollar at ya if ya do!
  • My Caption This Photo Post got lost yesterday. I'm totally sure that it wasn't me that messed up....it sooo had to have been the blogger at fault....not the blonde.
  • I'll throw it out there later today. Hopefully.
  • Now on with the Tuesday. I insist.

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Anonymous said...

No you can't cancel Christmas, BUT instead of giving the kiddo's a bunch of toys, give them one extra special big gift and donate or adopt an "angel" and get the kids involved. Very rewarding for everybody.