Sunday, January 24, 2010


Today is the day. It's Friday . It's here. Today can be translated to staying up really really really late (10:30pm) and then sleeping in till....9am tomorrow morning. Heck yea, cause I'm a rebel like that.
My brother is moving out in one week to place of his own with himself and his kids. (Wondering when he's gonna start packing up.)
The next weekend I gots me some cleaning and rearranging to do.
Half marathon next month. Am I ready? Am I ready? Am I ready?
Last night was band practice. There were some tough, tough pieces involved.
I can't wait to pick apart the hard parts and master them. Plus, it's exciting to play at the Myerson in Dallas. That place is amazing and beautiful on the inside.
This year it doesn't interfere with the half marathon in Fort Worth.

EDIT: I got distracted and never did finish my Friday posting. I was so optimistic about having a good weekend.

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